Sometimes you run into errors or you want to reset your library to remove all of your assets from AI indexing. Shade makes that easy.

If you do decide to reset your database, all of your existing AI tags will be deleted INCLUDING any of your custom descriptions and tags. This does a full reset of the Shade app.

Removing a Few Files and Folders

If you only want to remove a few assets and folders, head to your settings by going to Profile Photo > Settings > Files and Folders This is great in times where you accidentally indexed a folder that you did not want to index.

Resetting Your Entire Database

Again, we highly don’t recommend doing this unless there has been an error. If there is an error, please let us know in our discord before proceeding

To remove all of your assets from the Shade database, head to the Indexing tab on the sidebar and check out the indexing status page. At the bottom there will be a button called Reset Database. Click that and confirm that you want to reset your database.